Polishing Services

Polishing Service

Polishing Service offers professional marble polishing and stone floor polishing services all over Qatar. We are experts in floor grinding, floor polishing and restoration of all kinds of stone floors.


Quality We Ensure

We provide a wide range of floor and marble polishing for every need including any customization requests.


Experienced Workers

Our trained and experienced team are background verified and highly trained for the job.

Marble, Granite and other stone floors lose their luster and shine with time. Soft stones like Marble and Italian Marble are prone to scratches, their soft surface absorbs dust and stains easily. Marble and Granite floors also start looking dull with time and need to be restored.

Marble Polishing Service in Dubai

Experienced People can help you more.

We use the latest techniques and our staff are experts in floor restoration & marble polishing and maintenance services.

Check Out Detailed Step by Step Process on Stone Surfaces for Maximum Restoration & Luster.


This step removes roughness, stains and scratches. It is also known as lippage removal or flattening.

This step includes using mastik filler to fill cracks and holes.

This step includes repeating the step 1 so that mastik is levelled.

This step includes grid with 200, 400 up to 3000 grids for maximum shine and smootheness.

This step includes applying polish for maximum luster and shine.

This step includes removing residue and washing the marble to clear all marks.

This step includes using dry pads for buffing and polishing.

This step includes application of crystalizer so that the marble looks shiny and brand new.

This step includes application of sealer to protect the marble floor from suture stains from damage.