Interlock Paving Works

Interlocking brick pavers or natural stone work the same way as their concrete brethren.It all has to do with the roughness of the bricks, the joints, and the sand that fills the gaps between them. It is this strength and toughness that makes paving stones such a great option for homeowners.

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Architectural Design Services

Our architects and designers use their knowledge and imagination to create more challenging and exciting workplaces for people to live, work and learn. Our design expertise includes work, residential, educational, retail and mixed use.

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Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services of various mechanical parts and equipment housings due to damage from age, wear, corrosive environments, accidents, etc. Available in-house processes include machine shop work, precision welding, equipment fitment and final finish services for a host of equipment brands typically used in the industrial, power generation, water and wastewater industries.

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Installation Services

The installers, who our team of dedicated professionals, carry out the installation with the utmost care and meticulousness, ensuring that they remain in place until the end of the work.

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Polishing Services

Polishing Service offers professional marble polishing and stone floor polishing services all over Qatar. We are experts in floor grinding, floor polishing and restoration of all kinds of stone floors.

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Cladding Services

Cladding is any material used to cover a structure’s exterior. Picture a protective layer over a surface like a roof or exterior wall. Just as your skin protects internal bones and organs, cladding protects against the elements and shields against environmental conditions.

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Flooring Services

Flooring Services the most important aspects are the services and installation you’ll receive to bring everything together beautifully. Of course, finding the perfect material is very important. We use scrubbing machinery and specialty stone cleaners that clean your floor better than you thought possible.

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Marble & Granite Supply

We specialise in importing Marble, Granite, Limestone, Onyx, Quartzite and Quartz and supply stone from the best quarries in the world. These quarries include countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, India, Zimbabwe and South Africa…

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Gabion Wall Basket & Fence

Gabion fencing works almost exactly the same way as Gabion walls, they just have a different purpose. In most cases, Gabion walls are used as a retaining wall.

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