Spanish Marble Colours Combination

Today, we are going to show you the colorful marble combination. So, we have a set of Spanish marble samples. Nostalgic color Carrara marble Marfil marble.

We are only going to show you what kind of color combinations there are. You can find anything very good. So, our first combination is crema Marfil.

We are only going to show you what kind of color combinations there are. You can find anything very good. So, our first combination is Crema Marfil natural stone.

This color tone combination is probably. The most popular you can find. Is most commonly used. Where there is a stark contrast between dark brown and light beige.

The next combination we are going to talk about is Crema Marfil. And Rojo Alicante. Everything is fine So here we have another combination of marble. We have decided to show you.

Towards there. We have crema Marfil, light beige. Generally, this is the type of marble. You will like combining with other colors white calcite dark Emperador marble.

So, Crema Marfil is a good base. The good base color for combining with other types of marble. Here we have a light beige of Crema Marfil. On this side, we have the deep, strong red of Rojo Alicante.

Then, you have some contrast. Dark red with a light beige color. Combines quite well. Also, commonly used on interior floors. Water-jet work or simply decoration.

This is a popular combination, Rojo Alicante on this side, on this side we have Crema Marfil. In the next combination, we are going to talk. Crema Marfil is about Negro Marquina, with black marble.

And finally, we have the third and final combination. We wanted to show you. It is also very popular. On this site, we have Crema Marfil again. That is the stone we use as the base color.

And on this site, we have black colored marble. Negro marina. Again, you can see the very opposite. A light marble, a dark marble. The combination is very popular.

On this site, you can see that the black, uniform black colors match quite well. Contrasts really well with the light beige. So, another popular combination. Negro Martina + crema Marfil

.In addition to these. You can mix marble of different colors. You can find Rojo Alicante. You can find the Dark Emperador together with the Negro Markina and Crema Marfil.

So, it is common to find 3 to 4 marble combinations. For example, colored marble on the same floor interior design white marble.

So, here we have two samples. Polish that shows a glow. And we have an honor that is Matt. Shows no glare. But they both show the same color.

This is a high selection. This is a standard selection. Which is considered a high selection in Spain? So, you have a classic, which is the lowest selection.

You have a commercial You have the standard and you have the first. But the earlier quantity is very less. So if you are looking for any real quantity top selection. This is what you might expect .. a standard selection.

We have this very similar color. This is special about Crema Marfil. Unlike other beige marble. Crema Marfil presents very similarly. Light beige color.

So, you don’t see much color tone variation. And then what you are seeing are just some symptoms of calcite. High selections have low calcite. Lower selections will have more calcite.

Quartz vs Granite vs Marble Countertop – Accession Trading & Contracting ( anyway, this is a first top-grade selection Crema Marfil. Crema Marfil is a very popular marble used in interior applications. Interior decoration, like floor. Bath design, wall coverings.

It is sold very much all over the world. This marble has many applications. In addition, it is mixed with other colored marble. Like Rojo Alicante for example.