how to choose grey limestones from portugal

Despite not being very popular abroad, Portuguese grey limestones still present a high-quality profile with remarkable attributes and Choose Grey Limestones from Portugal and welcome back to Natural Stone Outlet. Today, we are going to talk about Portuguese gray limestone. Right there, we have Molinos Blue. Molinos Blue is a very famous type of limestone. Reserve developed.

Molinos Classic, which is a beige variation. It is a blue-gray color variation. Which is necessary. A very similar background. And continuously like gray or light brown. Like blue natural elements, uniform background.

With some darker areas. It also presents some occasional shells and fossils, not many, and some occasional calcite. All in all, it is a very hard limestone. Which is used on interior floors? Exterior cladding floors continuously gray or light gray.

It can also be used on cladding. Essentially on any kind of application. It is a very famous blue limestone. On this side, we have Moleanos b1 Moleanos b3 is a specific type of stone. Because it is a very plain light gray background.

It is the most direct alternative to Azul Valverde Limestone, which no longer exists. So, if you are looking for that type of moleanos limestone. This will be your option. We have essentially a very gray background. With some occasional light-colored areas.

But of all, it is a very similar type of stone. Very tough … usually used on cladding but also on outdoor flooring. Interior flooring, and decoration. It is a great color, it is quite similar for small to large projects.

On that side, we have an interesting limestone. It is called Molinos B3 Limestone. Which is essentially extracted at the same mine as B1. But if B1 is extracted at the top layer which is layer one. It is extracted on layer three, which is slightly darker.

So, what we have here is a bunch of samples. They are polished for information only because previous samples were awarded. but anyway. You can see here that there is a consistent grey or light grey colour.

Lots of blue and lots of beige fossils,blue-grey. And some calcite here and there. But all in all, it is a very similar colored stone. With lots of elements of calcite. It is a very hard stone and is used on the outer covering. External application.

Landscaping, interior flooring … essentially anything. So, Molinos B3 this way. Here below, we have a type of stone that is not known outside. It is a Portuguese gray limestone, called Perlato. Perlato is extracted on a specific area in Portuguese limestone Let’s say you assume that you agree.

 on the coast side, near Lourinhã. Which is not far from Moleanos but anyway it’s different quarries, different types of extraction and what you see here is a pale grey limestone, with lots of calcite and quite a lot of fossils as well. 

This is a what is special about this stone, you see like the grey colored background and lots of little dots and white-colored calcite. So, this is a very hard limestone and well, it can be used on any kind of application as well.

 So, this one is the Perlato and well that’s it. You got a good introduction about the Portuguese grey limestones. You get a good experience on our website a wide range. And continue we will assume, that the surface finishings are special stone. 

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